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Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters Report 10/10/17

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters on board FISH TALE

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Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters the ocean on most days lately has not been nice even with the storms gone. We have had wind on many days making the ocean pretty rough, too nasty to try and fish. Today is a good day with light wind. The marine forecasts are calling for rain tomorrow. Thursday a lot of wind out of the NE. They are saying NE wind 20 to 25mph with gusts to 30mph. That will make the ocean unfit to fish and with that much wind the back country Bay fishing will not be good either. The wind is to drop off by Saturday.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters I know a few friends that have been fishing the Back Country Bay on the fishable days for Striped Bass. I have jumped on board with these guys. They have smaller boats than my boat and can get back in the marshy Back Country where the Striped Bass are in the Bay. In the area of the Bay I speak of the water is skinny. The Stripers will push baitfish in to these areas to feed. You are fishing in only a couple feet of water. Usually the water depending where you fish is about 3ft. Some spots are around 2ft. That is not nearly enough water to float my currant boat.

My friends and I on the fishable days are casting along the banks of the marshes working along using artificial baits. We are casting baits like Bucktails with plastic tails hooked on or plastic baits like shads with paddle tails. These baits are used in an assortment of colors. Chartreuse works well so does White and Pink along with other color possibilities. Another fun thing we do is use top water baits. Using a bait like this is cool because once you have casted the plug you can see your bait on the surface of the water as you work it back to the boat. Because you can see the bait when a Striper comes up and takes it, SPLASH! You can see the action as it happens. Very Cool. The top water bait I use is made by Rapala called a SKITTER V. This top water bait is 4” long and is offered in a bunch of colors. My Favorite two are the Red Ghost and Hot Purple. The action on these baits is like a walking the Dog action where the bait does a zig zag as you work it slowly back to the boat. Very affective. We are catching Stripes on this bait on most days.

Some guys depending on the water conditions will buy live bait like Spot and troll around the banks very slowly. Both the casting of artificial baits and trolling live Spot are very effective ways to catch the Striped Bass in the Back Country Bay. We have had days that the fish just did not want to bite.

No matter if you are fishing in the Ocean or Bay, No matter what type of fish you are fishing for, No matter what bait you use, remember, “FISHING” IS CALLED “FISHING” FOR A REASON. Some days the Fish cooperate and some days they don’t. There are a lot of places for the fish to hang out and they know how to move from one place to another quickly. ENJOY THE DAY, JUST HAVE FUN WHILE YOU’RE ON THE WATER!

Just so you all know the Bay trips are done for this year. The Flounder season and the Black Sea Bass season over. Flounder season ended September 5th. Black Sea Bass season ended August 31st. From here on out thru mid-October we offer the 5 hour Ocean Bottom Fishing trip. On this trip we fish for Croakers, Weakfish and 2 to 3 pound Blues. November is the Striped Bass fishing season.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters The 2017 Flounder regulations are as follows until further notice. The season opened May 25th and will close September 5th. We can keep 3 Flounder per person per day @ 18” or greater.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters The Black Sea Bass season is going to be the same as last year. The Black Sea Bass season will start May 26th yet close June 18th. In this time frame we will keep 10 SB per person @ 12.5”. The Sea Bass season opens again July 1st and closes August 31st in this time frame we keep 2 fish per person @12.5”. The Sea Bass season will stay closed until October 22 thru December 31st in that time frame you can keep 15 per person @ 12.5”.
This is in my opinion the most stupid thing in the world of fishing. Say no more, if I go on I’ll say something I will regret later.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters We will start fishing offering our Bay trip fishing for Flounder Memorial Day Weekend. The Bay trips will be offered thru mid- August. We will do all Bay trips thru the end of June. Starting July 1st we will start our Ocean Bottom fishing Trip this trip will be offered thru mid-October. The month of November early December is all Striped Bass fishing.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters I am booking fishing trips for the 2017 fishing season. Call by phone or email to book your trip or get information.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters To those of you that follow my report each week, I do reports all year long at least once a week on some weeks I’ll report twice if there is some very good information that is good to hear. STAY TUNED!


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters Booking your fishing trips well in advance is recommended yet not required. If you know the group details and have a date in mind it’s a good idea to book your fishing trips as far in advance as possible, several weeks or more should work in most cases. If you can book farther in advance that is better. (A deposit is required to hold a date.) If dates and group details are not known in advance, read on.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters If calling last minute works best for you certainly CALL. We can see if I have a slot available in the book.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters What you may want to do in an effort to help yourself get more detailed information on the charters we offer, click on TRIPS & RATES at the top of this page. Once there you will see a menu of the trips we offer. Click on the trip you are interested in. That will open and you will be able to read a description of the trip and see what the fees are per the size of the group. If you have further questions or if you are ready to book a date contact us.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters, Let’s Go Fishing, Not Just Wishin

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters
, Stay tuned.
Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters if you are seeing my website for the first time-Thank you for checking us out. I hope you like what you see. Please consider booking with us here at Fish Tale Charters for your next fishing trip. If you have questions call or email and I will take care of your needs.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters contact Capt Craig at Fish Tale Charters either by phone or email for more information or to book your trip.

Capt. Craig Peters
Cell 609-391-8230
Email fishtalecharters@comcast.net


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