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Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters Report 1/25/18

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Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters on board FISH TALE

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters the weather has been pretty good over the last week. With this decent weather I have taken a break from the garage and tying knots for hooks and rigs.
Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters over the last week I have been out on the golf course playing a few rounds of golf. It has been good getting out. A couple days I took a ride in a cart for my round and the other days I walked the course. This time of the year, at least on the course I play, SHORE GATE GOLF CLUB the fairways are closed. With the fairways closed carts are cart path only. So what usually happens is I hit the ball to the right side of the fairway (or in the trees on the right side) and the cart is on the cart path on the left side. So now that I am on the opposite side I need to take half the clubs from my bag not knowing which club I’ll need and you walk to the ball and find out that the club you need you did not bring with you. The heck with going back over to get the right club I’ll just choke down on this one and see what happens. OOOOOPS! Too much club.
So I do like walking the golf course this time of the year. You can go right to your ball. The clubs are with you, so pick the desired club play the ball and move on. The other thing is you don’t lay clubs down and then walk off the hole and forget clubs. I don’t know how many times I have found clubs and turned them in at the pro shop or suddenly here comes a golf cart coming back from the wrong direction asking if I had seen a pitching wedge?
So I am playing on the golf course for a while and then I’ll get back to the knot tying duties.

My new boat the 25’ Parker Sport Cabin is getting ready to go into production. I got a call from the Parker dealer who told me my electronics came in. I am pretty excited about that. As I get info on the new boat I’ll keep you all in the loop. Until next week, stay warm and start thinking about the dates you want to fish for the 2018 season and give me a call so we can book it for you. Talk to you soon.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters as most of you are aware I am downsizing the boat for next season. I have sold the 36ft Calvin Beal and have ordered a 25ft Parker Sport Cabin. I had a 25ft Parker when I started in the charter business 17 years ago. The Parker is a very good fishing machine. Parker makes a very good boat. Knowing I wanted to downsize the boat and having first hand experience with the Parker It was an easy decision. The New Fish Tale will go into production later in January. If all goes as plan the 25ft Parker will be in the dealer’s yard by early March.

Once there at the dealer I’ll be able to get some pictures and post them so you can see the new fish catching machine you will be fishing on for the 2018 season. Once the new boat gets to the dealer the hull needs to be painted and there are some things I will have done to get her ready to take folks charter fishing. Also at that time the new electronics with the latest technology will be installed. I hope to splash her if all goes well by the end of April.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters with the new boat, starting next year I will be taking groups from 1 to 4 people on my trips that I offer. I no longer will be taking groups of 5 or 6. So we are downsizing the boat and the numbers of people we will take on board on these trips.

GREAT NEWS! I WILL BE OFFERING A NEW TRIP FOR NEXT YEAR. I will offer a STRIPED BASS/BLUEFISH BACK COUNTRY BAY TRIP. This trip will be offered in the Spring in April thru May (possibly not this year pending when I get the new boat) It will also be offered in the fall starting in October and will be offered thru November, maybe into early December ( not sure about December). It will be offered as a 4 hour trip also as a 5 hour trip. More information to come.

Now with the new smaller boat I can get back in the skinny water in the Back Bay. There are Striped Bass back there and I have been out with a friend on his boat this year and other years and we have been catching. Two days ago my buddy and I caught a bunch of Striped Bass and kept two. Both Bass were over 28”. You will need some casting skills. The other way to do this trip if you want to buy some Spot for bait we can drift or troll these baits. It is a fun trip. In addition to the fish you could catch there are sights to see. We have seen Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Foxes, Ducks and Red Tailed Hawks. It is not only a fun way to fish, there is eye candy too.

As I get more information about the NEW BOAT I’ll pass it on to you all. I am PSYCHED about the new boat. STAY TUNNED!



Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters When the new regulation for Flounder and Black Sea Bass are posted by the State of NJ I’ll let you know for 2018.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters We will start fishing in the spring depending on when I get my hands on the new boat. If we are not ready for the spring Striped Bass Bay trip we will certainly be ready for the beginning of the Flounder season for 2018.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters I will start taking reservations for the 2018 season right after the first of the New Year. Make your reservations as early as you possibly can.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters To those of you that follow my report each week, I do reports all year long at least once a week on some weeks I’ll report twice if there is some very good information that is good to hear. STAY TUNED!


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters Booking your fishing trips well in advance is recommended yet not required. If you know the group details and have a date in mind it’s a good idea to book your fishing trips as far in advance as possible, several weeks or more should work in most cases. If you can book farther in advance that is better. (A deposit is required to hold a date.) If dates and group details are not known in advance, read on.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters If calling last minute works best for you certainly CALL. We can see if I have a slot available in the book.


Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters What you may want to do in an effort to help yourself get more detailed information on the charters we offer, click on TRIPS & RATES at the top of this page. Once there you will see a menu of the trips we offer. Click on the trip you are interested in. That will open and you will be able to read a description of the trip and see what the fees are per the size of the group. If you have further questions or if you are ready to book a date contact us.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters, Let’s Go Fishing, Not Just Wishin

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters
, Stay tuned.
Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters if you are seeing my website for the first time-Thank you for checking us out. I hope you like what you see. Please consider booking with us here at Fish Tale Charters for your next fishing trip. If you have questions call or email and I will take care of your needs.

Fish Tale Charters Ocean City NJ Fishing Charters contact Capt Craig at Fish Tale Charters either by phone or email for more information or to book your trip.

Capt. Craig Peters
Cell 609-391-8230
Email fishtalecharters@comcast.net


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